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Richardson, Texas 75080

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  An alternate approach for a quality education

Welcome to DLC! 

The Dallas Learning Center...
was founded in 1991 to address the need for an educational environment that maximizes the strengths and targets weaknesses of each student.  At DLC, we feel it is imperative that education develops, to the fullest extent possible, a student's potential for initiative, inner discipline, creativity, self-confidence, and integrity while providing a broad exposure to a wide range of knowledge and skills.  DLC offers a positive educational approach in a structured, yet comfortable environment that promotes academic and personal growth.    

Located in Richardson, Texas, we offer middle school (6th-8th) and high school (9th-12th) degree programs for all students including the learning differenced student and the accelerated student.  DLC could make the difference in your child's education.  

DLC offers...
8 students to 1 teacher classroom ratio
One on one instruction in math and foreign language (high school program only)
Full curriculum, including electives, accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and

Emphasis on organizational and time management skills
Open enrollment / year round admissions

What DLC Students Say...

  High School Program     Middle School Program
  Top 10 Cool Things about DLC High School Program (by DLC Students):     Top 10 Cool Things about DLC Middle School Program (by DLC Students):
1. "No uniforms!" L. K.   1.
"Foosball and air hockey at lunch!" J. B. 
2. "You can be yourself at DLC - everyone is accepting and friendly." J. P.   2. "Fun P.E. class and recess." A. D.
3. "15 minute breaks between classes."
M. S.
  3. "Teachers help you more because the class size is smaller." H. S.
4. "Not a lot of homework." L. P.   4. "Field trips every Friday." J. S.
5. "Cool teachers - they help you with your work" A. G.   5.  "Nice teachers that know a lot about what they teach." B. K.
6. "No busywork - you can move ahead in your classes." B. B.   6. "Really cool art class." B. B.
7. "High school day starts at 9:15 a.m." M. H.   7. "You can work ahead in math." D. K.
8. "Awesome art class and fun science experiments" S. S.   8. "Nice students, really friendly." J. E.
9. "You are treated with respect." K. A.   9. "Hands-on science, lots of experiments."
I. B.
10. "When I need extra help, my teachers work with me one-on-one." C. H.   10. "No uniforms." K. L.